-Fitness programs for Kids-



  • * Every child has a right to the idea that fitness is FUN
  • * Every parent has a right to a guilt-free fitness experience
  • * Every community deserves a facility that supports family fitness

  • * Every facility has a right to serve children in a safe and effective manner

These beliefs began the concept of youth group fitness programs for R.E.C.E.S.S. program creator.  With over 20 years in the fitness industry she encountered the same struggles that over 80% of our population does.  These struggles, or what we refer to as "Life's Roadblocks" hinder fitness goals for much of the American adult population.  Because of the lack of programs available outside of sports-, interest-, or fee-based programs (dance, karate, soccer, etc), the opinion of health clubs has been set into youth before they even get a chance to learn to LOVE the FUN in FITNESS.  This prompted the creation of programs that are held outside of the church or school, in the most appropriate location in each community, the local health club.  Now parents can be involved, kids too, and we can create communities of healthier individuals.

Today, the R.E.C.E.S.S. brand is available to facilities across the nation in an effort to spread the "FUN in FITNESS" like wildfire!  Does your club offer complimentary programs for your children?  They can NOW, just email us for more info and easy setup!

Guilt-Free Fitness

Getting parents to exercise is hard at times because of the feeling of guilt so many associate with a visit to the gym.  Hearing a child state: "I'm too old for childcare"..."I'm not a baby anymore"..."I'm bored in the playroom"...and such will cause a parent to STOP going to the gym, or quit exercising altogether!  


Equipping facilities with a safe, effective solution to  serving youth is our plan!  Then, we can spread the LOVE of FITNESS like wildfire throughout our nation!