-Fitness programs for Kids-


We can give them so much more!


Our industry spends Billions on trying to convince over 83% of our population that they need our leadership and guidance...  but in this approach we are trying to capture those who are already a bit tainted by stereotype, misperception, negative experiences, personally induced limitations, etc.

What if...? 

​...What if these adults had the chance, before all those psychological limitations set in, to be exposed to fitness in a fun, non-competitive, assisted, family-supported, and nurturing way?  

...What if they didn't have an interest in a sport, or athletic activity but found that their local health club offered FUN programs that kept them moving and taught them to love fitness early on?

...What if their parents had less guilt about their own fitness and exposed them to the gym as a natural part of their childhood, which became a positive family experience?

...What if our industry decided to reverse our way of thinking and STARTED with the kids and created the next generation of health club members the RIGHT way?

What does this mean for your club?

- Improved retention for existing adult members

- A strong community presence in relation to the Obesity Epidemic

- No changes to existing space or upgrade in equipment

- No specialized instructor, trainer, or costly program fees

​- Low-cost Start up and monthly fees with on-going support

- Increased opportunity to grow member base through youth and add-ons

- Transform drop in childcare draft for school-age kids into memberships

- A safe, FUN, and effective activity in a controlled environment for ages 1-11

- Lifelong fans of fitness, healthier families, and a new generation of members!


When you carry the R.E.C.E.S.S. programs at your club, you receive:

  • Branded products that run with your existing business model 
  • Staffing support and training
  • Co-branded marketing materials
  • Game/activities designed esp for health club environments
  • Instructions for how to work with alternative populations
  • Ideas on how to grow PT revenue from the R.E.C.E.S.S. programs
  • Assistance in getting into local schools through outreach programs
  • Low-cost start up design
  • ​On-going support from our team!