-Fitness programs for Kids-


YOU are your child's FIRST teacher!


...And cook, housekeeper, nurse, taxi driver, counselor, coach, spiritual leader, and WAIT...YOU are supposed to take care of YOU too!!  But this is EXACTLY where most parents gain that extra hour...they take it from themselves.  We understand this all too well and know how challenging it is to keep your family running smooth, let alone, running on healthy energy and momentum that doesn't require caffeine injections!  And, we know that EFFICIENCY is KEY!

R.E.C.E.S.S. Programs make fitness ACHIEVABLE for both adults and children:

  • Same location for both adult/youth activities
  • Time "away" without "taking away" from the kids
  • Great opportunities for "couple time" while kids are active simultaneously
  • No guilt about taking the kids to the gym, because NOW they WANT to go!
  • Your whole family can get healthy for less than the cost of monthly sports-specific registration fee!

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