-Fitness programs for Kids-




THe MOST IMPORTANT part of fitness is... FUN!

  • Relays and Circuits that generate SMILES!

  • Fun twists on traditional recess and PE games

  • More energy than most adults can handle (Hey, but we welcome them to try!)

Each 45-minute class is designed to engage the attention and energy that is sometimes hidden in every 5-11 year old. Our program is focused on the child, not a particular talent, gender, skill, or interest (karate, dance, etc).  Because of this, we can serve various ages while simultaneously instilling a natural love for fitness that might otherwise be overlooked.


Getting parents to exercise is hard because of the feeling of guilt so many experience in association with a visit to the gym.  Hearing their child state: "I am too old for childcare"..."I'm not a baby anymore"..."I'm bored in the playroom"....and such, will cause a parent to STOP going to the gym.  It simultaneously teaches the child that going to the gym is NOT fun.  In that one instance, we have a parent who STOPS exercising and a child that will typically not START.  

  • We are looking to reverse this situation!  
  • We create an environment where EVERY child is ENERGIZED!
  • We enable parents to GET HEALTHY and see the FUN in FITNESS too!  

​​​In this situation, we are creating a healthier family unit and THAT creates a healthier future for us all!

R.E.C.E.S.S. programs make fitness a natural family affair.  In that time, there is a CHANGE that takes place in both child and parent.  The stereotypes and insecurities that limit adults are not able to take root in our children.  This makes for a NEW generation of healthy adults!