-Fitness programs for Kids-





  • Holding still doesn't have to seem like torture!

  • Proper breath is important to kids too.

  • Instill early the idea that strength comes from flexibility

45-minute class for ages 5-11 years prepares them for traditional mind-body programs as a natural part of their adult fitness regime. Instilling the FUN in FITNESS through a more holistic approach builds a stronger, more solid and ACTIVE growing individual!

Facts about Yoga & Youth:

Yoga is not a religion but a practice of combining patterns of breathing with patterns of movement to elicit flexibility and strength from sources other than traditional weight or stretching exercises.

- Enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness

​- Improves concentration and helps to diffuse stressful feelings

​- Slows down breathing allowing intake of oxygen more effectively

- Creates more body awareness

​- & more for both adults & children!